Friday, October 1, 2010

Bones are for the dogs

Sawyer was treated to his first raw beef bone (available from Healthy Paws) as a mid-day meal.   I opted to feed him in the backyard, as the thought of having raw meat gracing my floors was more than my stomach could handle!  Sawyer was deliriously happy when presented with this delicacy. At first he tentatively licked the bone.  After a few minutes, he proceeded to yank it away from me and park himself on his favorite piece of turf, savoring every morsel.  An hour later (I kid you not), he was still gnawing away.  Realizing that we had to rush off to puppy school, I managed to wrestle the bone away from him! WHEW!  No damage done to his ego, I think he's already forgotten about this experience!

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