Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sister MJ

Sawyer's #1 fan is his dear "sister" MJ.  From the day she could speak, she begged us for a dog.  Day in & day out....begging, yelling, nagging.  However, being the practical parents that we were, having to raise two young children, her request was continuously turned down.  We always felt as though we were denying her but truth be told, never having had a dog and caring for kids was a daunting idea.  It wasn't until we became empty-nesters (well, almost) that we (rather, I) took the plunge.  Honestly, I regretted that decision for a mere week during the wicked "mouthing" stage (some refer to it as the "Cujo" stage).  Now, I love him to does his big "sista"... and not to forget his big brother TJ & Papa W.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let sleeping dogs lie...

We get such pleasure watching Sawyer sleep.   I love that he can park himself just about anywhere, lush grass, dirt, kitchen floor, front porch, under patio furniture, amongst my flowering shrubs.... the list goes on.  Lately his favorite place is in the dirt under the tall evergreen in our backyard, hence the sap adhered to his fine puppy fur!  Here is a sampling of his naps...

Birth of a beautiful boy..

(Sawyer at approx. 9 wks)

May 30, 2010.... the birth of a beautiful male Bernese Mountain Dog.  Born in the Laurentians of Quebec, Canada, Sawyer was one of 10 puppies.  His mom apparently weighed in around 100 lbs, while dad a whopping 130 lbs!

(Sawyers' parents - courtesy of L. Boyer, breeder)

The timing to purchase a puppy was right for us (rather for me, not so much for other family members!).  We found our boy through Kijiji and after much thought and discussion with the breeder, we took the plunge.  Sawyer graced our doorstep on August 6th, 2010, a day before our daughter's birthday.  She couldn't ask for a better gift!

Upon Sawyer's arrival, he was greeted by his current best buddy, Hurley, another BMD (Bernese Mountain Dog).  Hurley showed much restraint and patience with this new puppy and continue a lovely friendship.

(Sawyer & Hurley)

(Sawyer attempting to take Hurley for a walk!)