Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Dog

I've realized that Sawyer is the perfect dog for a snow-loving gal, like myself!  I so enjoy watching him romp, roll and eat the white stuff.  Let's hope for a long snowy winter..

Saturday, January 15, 2011


This post is dedicated to Sawyer's best buddy Hurley, a two-year old Berner, and my "goddog".  I've known him for over a year, and have tagged along on a number of pleasant walks with 'SC', albeit at the risk of losing a limb while being dragged down a slippery slope by a 100+ lbs. dog had I not released my hold on his leash...honestly, he IS a gentle giant.  He just, as does this breed, has a strong penchant for pulling, be it a cart or a human.    I  do love you Hurley ;-)

I must say Hurley has been a good trooper, and a good role model  in Sawyer's presence.  These two love a good wrestle in a field, forest, creek, snow, mud,...well just about anywhere!  This video portraits a typical play date.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leash-free park

(W.A.G. Park, Burlington)

It's a rather stormy night in the greater Toronto area and a good time to catch up on Sawyer's blog.

Sawyer-Doodle-Bug endured his third visit to the vet today.  After a thorough examination and a weigh-in at 79.2 lbs, Dr. Linda gave him a clean bill of health.  Not surprising, as he continues to thrive on his raw diet, loves his exercise and gets more than enough loving. 

Speaking of exercise, we've recently introduced Sawyer to leash-free parks.  We are fortunate to have two in close proximity to our home.  Both parks were fully enclosed, with shelters for the owners to huddle under during inclement weather while sipping their daily dose of "Tim's".

Before entering the park, I chose to walk the boy on the outside perimeter of the park to allow both of us time to acclimatize to our new surroundings and to gauge the chemistry within the park.  All looked civil and friendly.  We entered, with a little trepidation (for me, anyways), but in no time, Sawyer was soon befriended by a lovely pack of dogs.  Thus the beginning of a new love for Sawyer.  He was off like the wind, attempting to keep up to the Weimeraners, Labradors Retrievers and numerous mixed breeds.  We  stayed long enough for Sawyer to socialize, exercise and be a dog.   We'll let the video speak for itself....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Sawyer survived the Holidays with flying colours.  Although we forfeited the natural Christmas tree this year,  the table-top version suited us just fine in light of the addition of a new puppy.  Until Sawyer-Monkey knows not to break off branches and gnaw on the bark, the table-top will remain.   I can just imagine a dissected natural Christmas tree, strewn about the house, broken keepsake ornaments in pieces or better yet, ingested by Sawyer....something out of a horror flick!

Anyways, a few days ago, we treated 'Monkey' (MJ's new nickname) to an empty yogurt container.  Only the best for our boy, as he enjoyed licking the inside of an Organic Meadows No Fat Plain Yogurt  container (no, this is not an infomercial but one of my favorite natural yogurts!)   It was entertaining to watch him get every last drop.  The game ended when 'Monkey' decided to shred the container to bite-size pieces...not a recommended dog treat!

(hope this isn't a permanent fixture)

(Hmm, if only I could reach that last drop on my snout)

(this is exhausting work!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell 2010, Greetings 2011!

Another year comes to a close yet...a time to reflect....but I'll spare you all those details.

Sawyer's mom spent the last day of 2010 in the company of dear high school friends, savouring a delicious breakfast of mandarin mimosas, croissants & gluten-free bread with a variety of pates & preserves...yum.  TJ & MJ were enjoying one last sleep-in, building up their energy for a full-out evening of partying & toasting in the New Year, and hubby was kindly minding Sawyer while the Henkell Trocken was chilling in the fridge.

Later that afternoon, Sawyer was treated to another hike with his buddy Hurley on the Bruce Trail.  Although we were blessed with a balmy 10C weather, the previously snowy trails were transformed into a quagmire of muck & decomposing organic matter.  This did not deter the 'boys' - they had a blast tearing up and down the trails (off leash might I add) kicking up as much mud as one can imagine.  On occasion they both stopped dead in their tracks to assure themselves that SC and I hadn't gotten lost along the way, then proceeded to explore further on.   

An hour later, all four of us were covered head to toe/tail in mud. 

(one dirty dog)

The dogs seemed to have unlimited levels of energy.  Reluctantly, we parted ways and wished each other a happy new year.  Sawyer had to be bribed with a treat to hop in the car and once again to exit the car upon arrival at home. 

(Refusing to budge)

Once out, he sauntered up the steps and assumed his favorite position on the porch for a power nap.    

 ....Later that evening after a night of partying, Sawyer the Berner finally settled for a dream-filled sleep, while we rang in the New Year.  (ok you animal activists, no harm was done to Sawyer, nor was he forced to drink this wine...  but really, I couldn't resist the opportunity for this photo op!)

Happy New Year to all our family, friends and acquaintances!