Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's March 13th and just as all the snow had melted, it starts to snow yet again.  Berners love their snow but sometimes their owners have had enough!

Enjoy a few snowy pictures of Sawyer and company.

Appropriate licence plate!

HURLEY - 5 yrs old

HURLEY blocking the trail


SAWYER on our driveway after a good storm
Who's paws do these belong too?

SAWYER was not fond of this snowman

SAWYER and his Mom

OOPS How did this picture get in there?
  Oh, right...this is where Sawyer's mommy would like to be!
(photo courtesy of the Guimonds)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Move over Sawyer, heeeeeere's LINCOLN!

HELLO everyone, my name if Lincoln

Yesterday, Mellie and I had the opportunity to meet a new addition to Jaye & Joe's family (and NO, Mel did not give birth to a baby!).

This four-legged not-so-little bundle of joy (8 weeks old and already weighing in at 27 lbs!) arrived on their doorstep on Wednesday.  Lincoln & Johnson were the only twin pups born from this litter and luckily, J&J were granted custody of Lincoln, a fluffy black-haired boy.  Look at that face....awwww

Please welcome him on Sawyer's blog...we'll be seeing much more of Linc!

OMG!  T H E    C U T E S T  puppy E V E R!

Exploring the backyard

Lincoln loves his new honking pink pig....courtesy of Miss Mellie & Sawyer

So photogenic - yes, both of you!

Kiss for Mellie.  Look at the size of those PAWS!