Friday, November 26, 2010

Tap Dancing with a Pear

After a full morning playing in the backyard, I gave him a special treat - a fresh pear... not just any pear but an organic Bosch pear.  (this dog has a better diet than many humans!)  He usually devours this delicacy but for some reason he seemed quite fascinated swatting it over the hardwood flooring.  I decided to video tape his interaction with the pear.  Check it out.... by the way, he did manage to consume his treat in the end!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guelph Santa Claus Parade

Yet another outing for Mr. Sawyer, this time as a spectator at the Guelph Santa Claus Parade.  First, we whisked sister MJ away from her studies to catch a bite to eat at the famous Angels restaurant for a very late breakfast, followed by a short walk to downtown Guelph to watch the annual festive procession.

In order to get in the spirit of Christmas, we adorned Sawyer (and MJ too!) with a cute pair of antlers, while Dad modeled his Santa shirt.   Sawyer was NOT impressed with us but finally succumbed to the humiliation.

During the parade, we realized that the sound of drums & bagpipes was not Sawyer's cup of tea (not an ounce of Scottish blood in the boy!).  He became very agitated and tried to high-tail it out of there.  However, MJ soothed him and he reluctantly joined us to watch the various community groups display their festive decorations and costumes.

We stayed long enough to watch big brother TJ perform with the Magnolia Brass Band playing a medley of Christmas jingles.  A very proud moment for the whole family.

The adventure ended with a brisk, cold walk back to the car, followed by a cozy warm snooze in the car ride back home.  A good day was had by all.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friends.... and more friends

It has come to my attention that a few more of Sawyer's friends failed to be mentioned in my previous blog, so here goes:

Sawyer loves to romp around at Lowville Pk with this beautiful blonde, Sophie!

Sophie's new sibling, Charles/Charlie/Henry (apologies to "N"for my poor memory!)

Last but not least,  Dakota, the gentle giant, a lovely Newfoundlander.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mon petit gourmand

Take a moment to view the following photos... 

What do they have in common you say?  How do they relate to Sawyer??  Well, yes, they are all gluten-free and most definitely edible.  Lately these are foods, carefully prepared by hubby and I, were graciously enjoyed by our lovely Sawyer.    Ahh-haa, yup, this puppy is quick as lightening when it comes to unsupervised food on the counter or dining room table.  He has managed to gobble down a lovely whole roasted head of garlic laden with butter (and he stunk afterwards), half a banana WITH peel attached, THREE (not ONE) but THREE gluten-free muffins and a failed attempt at a roasted leg of lamb, which hubby rescued in the nick of time.  
We do love ya Sawyer...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sawyer seems to make friends easily, be it man or beast.  He has yet to befriend  any cats or skunks however,  does try to greet the neighbourhood squirrels, without success!  Although we've posted photos of 4 of Sawyer's friends, there are many more which deserve an honourable mention.  Let's start with our two neighbours dogs: Meggie (this girl runs like the wind!) & Karma (most likely weighs no more than 2 lbs. and barks like the devil!),  as well as Einstein (a regal Golden Lab from Germany) & Roxy (Golden-doodle).  There is also Ben from around the corner, who endured endless hip-checks from Sawyer during their last playtime.  We've also met a Berner/Lab cross named Will, Chloe the Lab, Ernie the 12-year old black Lab and many more, whose names escape me. 

The following photos are a glimpse at some of Sawyer's canine friends...

(little Sawyer with best buddy, Hurley.... get it, Sawyer & Hurley...from the tv show LOST!)

(Sawyer and let's-call-her-Maggie 'cause I forgot her name.  She's a beautiful Berner that we run into on our Sunday morning walks on the beach.)

(Sawyer with little Ben and Jack from up the street)

(Katie the Wheaten Terrier)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bruce Trail

Hubby and I ventured on a short portion of the Bruce Trail with Sawyer yesterday.  Having only experienced one "wilderness" walk with puppy, I was a concerned that he wouldn't have the stamina to withstand a hike through the woods.  He spent the duration of his first hike, two months ago, whining in fear of the unknown.  Thankfully he has outgrown this fear.

I've never seen so much enthusiasm in our dog as we did yesterday.  This portion of the Bruce Trail near Blind Line & Britannia Rd was quite hilly with narrow muddy trails.  It meandered around a creek and eventually led us to a "ruin".  I have yet to ascertain the history behind this ruin but will certainly investigate.

Sawyer refused to walk in a civilized manner - he wanted to gallop down the hills and through the woods.  At one point, we had to release his leash while carefully stepping our way down a muddy slope.  Had we held on to the boy, one of us would have been on our backs trailing behind him!  Thankfully, Sawyer knew enough to wait for us once he reached his destination.  Guess the puppy training is finally paying off.

Along our way Sawyer discovered several varieties of crab apples and enjoyed a light snack.  He enjoyed meeting a couple of dogs along the trail, a Golden Retriever and a St. Bernard.  Always an adventure meeting other owners' dogs.

Overall, it was a pleasant hike for all...

... and one tired dog!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gentle leader...not so gentle

Lately Sawyer has been taking me for walks which explains the sore elbow I've been experiencing in the past week.  At 60 lbs, he is a very strong boy.  So, on our trainers recommendation, we are in the process of getting him adjusted to a gentle leader which will deter him from pulling.

NOT an easy task for either one of us.  First comes the exhaustive five-minute struggle to adjust the snout harness, while he insists on biting me (it's a game, right?!),  then the collar must be buckled snuggly while he furiously attempts to remove the snout harness with his paws which took me, like FOREVER to attach!   WHEW!  Mission accomplished.....well, not quite.  Now he has given up the struggle and decides to flop to the floor.  Refuses to move, refuses to look at me and becomes a total dead weight - the dead-dog pose.   Arggghhh!

After a few more minutes of prodding, coercing and bribing (with sweat dripping down my brow, I might add), I finally get him up and out on the front porch.  By now, he is NOT a happy camper, NOR am I.

He manages to walk a few yards, only to throw himself to the ground (sometimes in a summersault fashion) and attempts to remove the harness yet again.  His favorite place to throw a tantrum these days, is in a leaf pile by the curb side, however, any place will do:  neighbours lawn, gardens beds and even the middle of the road.  What should amount to a 10 minutes walk, now translates to 30 minutes!   He sure enjoys the end of his journey.  FINALLY, freedom to romp in the backyard without the gentle leader.   A happy ending to our less-than-pleasant walk...till next time!

(pawing his harness)

(playing peek-a-boo in leaves)

(dead-dog pose....he's not budging!)