Friday, November 26, 2010

Tap Dancing with a Pear

After a full morning playing in the backyard, I gave him a special treat - a fresh pear... not just any pear but an organic Bosch pear.  (this dog has a better diet than many humans!)  He usually devours this delicacy but for some reason he seemed quite fascinated swatting it over the hardwood flooring.  I decided to video tape his interaction with the pear.  Check it out.... by the way, he did manage to consume his treat in the end!


  1. i love how he reacts when the phone rings. this is SOOOO cute ahahaha sliding everywhere AWWW

  2. Aaaaw! He's very light on his, paws!

    Deacon heard Sawyer's leash jangle and came running over to have a look. Too funny!