Friday, November 19, 2010

Mon petit gourmand

Take a moment to view the following photos... 

What do they have in common you say?  How do they relate to Sawyer??  Well, yes, they are all gluten-free and most definitely edible.  Lately these are foods, carefully prepared by hubby and I, were graciously enjoyed by our lovely Sawyer.    Ahh-haa, yup, this puppy is quick as lightening when it comes to unsupervised food on the counter or dining room table.  He has managed to gobble down a lovely whole roasted head of garlic laden with butter (and he stunk afterwards), half a banana WITH peel attached, THREE (not ONE) but THREE gluten-free muffins and a failed attempt at a roasted leg of lamb, which hubby rescued in the nick of time.  
We do love ya Sawyer...


  1. what a fatso!!!! he better have enjoyed it! the pic of him is to die FOR!!!

  2. Not sure that he enjoyed the garlic - he doesn't savour his food, just gobbles it. This boy loves to eat as much as his sister does!