Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sawyer seems to make friends easily, be it man or beast.  He has yet to befriend  any cats or skunks however,  does try to greet the neighbourhood squirrels, without success!  Although we've posted photos of 4 of Sawyer's friends, there are many more which deserve an honourable mention.  Let's start with our two neighbours dogs: Meggie (this girl runs like the wind!) & Karma (most likely weighs no more than 2 lbs. and barks like the devil!),  as well as Einstein (a regal Golden Lab from Germany) & Roxy (Golden-doodle).  There is also Ben from around the corner, who endured endless hip-checks from Sawyer during their last playtime.  We've also met a Berner/Lab cross named Will, Chloe the Lab, Ernie the 12-year old black Lab and many more, whose names escape me. 

The following photos are a glimpse at some of Sawyer's canine friends...

(little Sawyer with best buddy, Hurley.... get it, Sawyer & Hurley...from the tv show LOST!)

(Sawyer and let's-call-her-Maggie 'cause I forgot her name.  She's a beautiful Berner that we run into on our Sunday morning walks on the beach.)

(Sawyer with little Ben and Jack from up the street)

(Katie the Wheaten Terrier)


  1. Thanks for the delightful stories, Sharon. Sawyer is just too adorable for words, what a character! The photos of him making a point of just how much he hates his gentle leader bring back so many memories. The trials and tribulations of training him to be a well-behaved member of your family will pay off in spades though.

    Give Sawyer a cuddle for me!

  2. Glad you're enjoying Sawyer's adventures...and yes, I've given many cuddles & kisses for you!