Thursday, December 13, 2012

Glorious December Morning

At last, Mom treated me to a hike in Kerncliff Park, Burlington, where remnants of an old quarry remain, surrounded by stands of hardwood trees, hills, valleys, bridges and a remote pond.  I felt free at last!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sawyer is back!

My "guardians" have been lax in reporting my latest adventures but with much snout-nudging, I managed to get "mom" to post!

I'm ashamed to say that recently on my favorite evening jaunt with my "dad", I had a misadventure with a skunk...yep!  Honestly, I thought it was a rabbit and everyone knows how dogs love to chase them.  But hey, in my defense it was dark outside, and  this little stinker looked like me, albeit much smaller in stature.  I just wanted to play (*wink*) but the little stinker raised his tail and the rest is history.  I was not too happy for two reasons: one, my walk was cut short by dad and two, I stunk enough to want to avoid my own company.

Dad puts me in his truck for a visit to Animazing, the doggie-wash salon,  for de-skunking but to his disappointment, it had JUST closed.  What to do...go back home and fess up to mom.  To make a long story short, mom took it in stride and sent out APB to her pet-owning friends for advice, while dad high-tailed it (pun intended!) to the pet store.  Unfortunately, we didn't have all the natural ingredients to prepare our own de-skunking remedies and used a doggie citrus-scented shampoo.

They cornered me on the front porch, dumped buckets of warm water on me and proceeded to lather me...ON THE FRONT PORCH...IN embarrassing!  After that ordeal,  my fur diffused a je-ne-sais-quoi- type of scent...EAU DE SKUNKY CITRUS!  For SHAME!  They finally let me in the house, and in gratitude, I shook all over the living room carpets, couches and walls...hehehe!

Why does no-one want to snuggle me right now?!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sawyer's Summer Vacation

Last month, Sawyer brought his parents & sister to his favourite cottage destination in the Haliburtons. Ah yes, that boy knows a good thing when he finds it.

Sawyer was cordially invited to Auntie J's & Uncle J's cottage.  He was surrounded by his favourite people: LG, GG, Gramma E, and of course his parents & Mel.

 His days were filled exploring his new surroundings.  Lots of sniffing, wadding in water, chasing ducks (oops, sorry Gramma E but I couldn't help myself!)  "They tried to teach me to swim but NO WAY,  I'm a mountain dog not a duck", said  Sawyer.  Can't blame us for trying though.

Sawyer experience his first motor boat ride and boy was he hooked.  Everyday, he cautiously sauntered down the dock and eagerly awaited Auntie J to rev up the motor.  The best part was standing guard at the front of the boat, or lying down near his Auntie while the sound of the motor lulled him to sleep.

Sawyer and his family  were grateful for the invitation to partake in this getaway, far from the city's fast pace.  We all came home with fond memories....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Much-belated 2nd Birthday

Sawyer's 2nd birthday (way back in May) was less eventful than his first, having said that, he WAS treated to a doggie cone courtesy of Mel and it was paw-lickin' good!  Then he was reluctantly made to wear a ridiculous hat & sunglasses...sheesh.

 For dinner he was presented with a platter of fresh wabbit, pardon me,  RABBIT!  One of our local grocery stores carries cleaned rabbits for human consumption.  We hoped Sawyer would find pleasure in this treat.  He managed to eagerly eat half the rabbit.  All was well until later in the evening....we found a puddle of partially digested bunny on our floor, YUK.  That's what happens on birthdays...too much cake or bunny in this case and someone gets a belly ache!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Woofstock 2012 - Toronto

Warren and I decided to take our boy, Sawyer, to Woofstock this year.  I must say it would have been easier without him but we were proud to show him off.  We only saw one other Berner this year so Sawyer did receive much attention & photo ops from passersby.  There were many breeds of dogs to ogle over, as well as numerous vendors selling treats, foods, accessories and services for our pets.  Let the photos speak for themselves...

 Front St., with Flatiron bldg in background

 Sawyer & Warren

 Hmmm, which treat do I want to sample now?



Cute raincoat & bow!

Beautiful old Newfoundlander with white around the eyes

For Jaye

This one wins the award for best pose

and then there was a fountain...

Sawyer had to go in

I think he would love his own pool!

and then he got lots of attention & chuckles

poor girl...her owner made her wear this bridal dress, complete with pearls

she and her groom (foreground) were so ashamed, they refused to smile for the camera!

Why in heaven's name, am I wearing only 1 pair of red boots??!

still in the fountain
This boy refused to wet his paws

A tired dog...
One of the vendors....We originally used Kijiji to find Sawyer.

Is that a Chihuahua made to look like a lion...hehehe!

you watch the agility training...I'd rather people watch