Monday, May 28, 2012

Royal Recreation Trail

A few weeks ago, Warren and I drove out to Fergus, Ontario for a hike with Sawyer.  We never made it that far but by chance we discovered the Royal Recreation Trail along the Speed River in Guelph.  It intersected Victoria Rd.  A mostly gravel trail, with some offshoots along the Speed River, which is where Sawyer favoured (as you can see from the pictures).  Had we continued on the trail, our final destination would have been downtown time we'll attempt the whole trail.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rack of Lamb Anyone?

Recently, hubby treated himself to a spanking new Weber Genesis gas barbecue.  Our old bbq of 15 years (another well loved Weber grill) stood up to the test of time but after several parts replacements & numerous cleanings, it was time to lay that grill to rest, at our local metal recycling depot of course.

When it comes to outdoor grilling, Sawyer never misses an opportunity to spend time with his "dad", so as usual when the new grill was being "test driven", laden with lemon/garlic marinated chicken breasts and an herb-marinated rack of lamb, Sawyer offered to step in as Warren's sous-chef!  The scent of the grilled meat wafted to our neighbours yard, attracting the lovely Bella who sat patiently at the fence line...sorry Bella & Sawyer, this dinner too good for dogs!


(Please, Dad, I've been a good boy...)