Saturday, March 19, 2011

When MJ's Away, the Pup Will Play....

Sawyer dearly loves his "sister" MJ and just couldn't get enough of her when she left as quickly as she arrived.  He relished a little play time sprawled on her duvet and enjoyed a good wrestle with her pj's.  Our little monkey!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raging hormones... or mischief?

A little episode of frustration led to a shredded blanket, strewn all over the living room!

Hmm, let's see what treats I can find in the bathroom litter basket!

Awww, but Mom, I really love this towel...

Catch me... if you can! (Buddy & Sawyer)

Victory!  I managed to jump on Mom & Dad's bed and snuggling Mom's clothing.

I don't know how that empty jar of peanut butter got on the couch... honestly!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Puppy Training

We've enlisted ourselves in yet another set of puppy training classes.  We realized early on, that Sawyer's Mom & Dad were in desperate need of training, thus our 2nd attempt at Grade 1 at McCann Professional Dog Trainers.   This time around, hubby is the trainer while I act as the cheerleader/photographer/observer.

Sawyer is very obedient in class, in fact, on several occasions the instructor  had to encourage him to wake up.  Perhaps he feels he's beyond training, bored, or simply tired.  Other than that, he's a good trooper.  Thankfully the school encourages the use of treats as a training tool, and Sawyer is DEFINITELY food driven.

I've relished the role of observer as it allows me the time to admire all the cute puppies and their antics. Sawyer's class of 15 dogs includes several Labs, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, a Hound, a German Shepherd and Poodle mixes.   Sadly, canine interaction during the class is not permitted, understandably so; however, for just one minute, wouldn't it be fun to let the dogs go off-leash?   I can see the chaos right now ....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sawyer-man was recently given the ultimate canine spa treatment at Animazing in Burlington.  No line ups on this day.  We walked in after a long muddy walk to be greeted by friendly staff.  With a little prodding & several yummy treats, Sawyer gingerly climbed up the platform for something he surely would not have consented to had he known in advance!  

The staff were experience and related to Sawyer beautifully.  In fact, Sawyer was actually dishing out free kisses.  The bathing was not a problem but he was not overly fond of the blow-dryer, nor having someone playing with his paws.  In the end he behaved quite well.