Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sawyer-man was recently given the ultimate canine spa treatment at Animazing in Burlington.  No line ups on this day.  We walked in after a long muddy walk to be greeted by friendly staff.  With a little prodding & several yummy treats, Sawyer gingerly climbed up the platform for something he surely would not have consented to had he known in advance!  

The staff were experience and related to Sawyer beautifully.  In fact, Sawyer was actually dishing out free kisses.  The bathing was not a problem but he was not overly fond of the blow-dryer, nor having someone playing with his paws.  In the end he behaved quite well.


  1. I found your blog through your post on Ravelry. I love Bernese Mountain dogs! If I still lived in the country I would get one. Your dog is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for passing by kristieinbc and thank you on behalf of Sawyer! This breed is so lovable and a great family dog. Will pass by your blog & see you in Ravelry!