Saturday, August 4, 2012

Much-belated 2nd Birthday

Sawyer's 2nd birthday (way back in May) was less eventful than his first, having said that, he WAS treated to a doggie cone courtesy of Mel and it was paw-lickin' good!  Then he was reluctantly made to wear a ridiculous hat & sunglasses...sheesh.

 For dinner he was presented with a platter of fresh wabbit, pardon me,  RABBIT!  One of our local grocery stores carries cleaned rabbits for human consumption.  We hoped Sawyer would find pleasure in this treat.  He managed to eagerly eat half the rabbit.  All was well until later in the evening....we found a puddle of partially digested bunny on our floor, YUK.  That's what happens on birthdays...too much cake or bunny in this case and someone gets a belly ache!

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  1. Hi Sawyer, I saw you joined my blog so I came on over to see who you were and join yours back. Wow, your mummy gives you good food too, I like to eat a whole chicken (minus feathers) but it usually gives me the runs, but when you are all excited like for your birthday you do tend toi eat too much, then it usually comes back up. LOL. :)