Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bruce Trail

Hubby and I ventured on a short portion of the Bruce Trail with Sawyer yesterday.  Having only experienced one "wilderness" walk with puppy, I was a concerned that he wouldn't have the stamina to withstand a hike through the woods.  He spent the duration of his first hike, two months ago, whining in fear of the unknown.  Thankfully he has outgrown this fear.

I've never seen so much enthusiasm in our dog as we did yesterday.  This portion of the Bruce Trail near Blind Line & Britannia Rd was quite hilly with narrow muddy trails.  It meandered around a creek and eventually led us to a "ruin".  I have yet to ascertain the history behind this ruin but will certainly investigate.

Sawyer refused to walk in a civilized manner - he wanted to gallop down the hills and through the woods.  At one point, we had to release his leash while carefully stepping our way down a muddy slope.  Had we held on to the boy, one of us would have been on our backs trailing behind him!  Thankfully, Sawyer knew enough to wait for us once he reached his destination.  Guess the puppy training is finally paying off.

Along our way Sawyer discovered several varieties of crab apples and enjoyed a light snack.  He enjoyed meeting a couple of dogs along the trail, a Golden Retriever and a St. Bernard.  Always an adventure meeting other owners' dogs.

Overall, it was a pleasant hike for all...

... and one tired dog!

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