Sunday, March 10, 2013

Move over Sawyer, heeeeeere's LINCOLN!

HELLO everyone, my name if Lincoln

Yesterday, Mellie and I had the opportunity to meet a new addition to Jaye & Joe's family (and NO, Mel did not give birth to a baby!).

This four-legged not-so-little bundle of joy (8 weeks old and already weighing in at 27 lbs!) arrived on their doorstep on Wednesday.  Lincoln & Johnson were the only twin pups born from this litter and luckily, J&J were granted custody of Lincoln, a fluffy black-haired boy.  Look at that face....awwww

Please welcome him on Sawyer's blog...we'll be seeing much more of Linc!

OMG!  T H E    C U T E S T  puppy E V E R!

Exploring the backyard

Lincoln loves his new honking pink pig....courtesy of Miss Mellie & Sawyer

So photogenic - yes, both of you!

Kiss for Mellie.  Look at the size of those PAWS!


  1. 8 WEEKS (not months) and 27 pounds! This young lad is going to eat us out of house and home. Lincoln LOVES his PIGGY and thanks his god-bro Sawyer from the bottom of his paws. I know they are going to be great friends with many happy trailblazing adventures together. Maybe Lincoln can teach Sawyer that the lake at the cottage is actually a great place to cool off in? Wonder who will claim the prime spot in the boat? Hmmm.

    1. Jaye, corrections made (silly Sawyer!) Oh gosh, I can see them both on the boat and the rest of us on the dock! and where will they sleep at night? in the kitchen and Jaye & Joe's bed?! LOL!