Saturday, January 15, 2011


This post is dedicated to Sawyer's best buddy Hurley, a two-year old Berner, and my "goddog".  I've known him for over a year, and have tagged along on a number of pleasant walks with 'SC', albeit at the risk of losing a limb while being dragged down a slippery slope by a 100+ lbs. dog had I not released my hold on his leash...honestly, he IS a gentle giant.  He just, as does this breed, has a strong penchant for pulling, be it a cart or a human.    I  do love you Hurley ;-)

I must say Hurley has been a good trooper, and a good role model  in Sawyer's presence.  These two love a good wrestle in a field, forest, creek, snow, mud,...well just about anywhere!  This video portraits a typical play date.

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  1. I just love catching up with your sweet boy, Sharon. And what a dynamic duo those two make!