Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leash-free park

(W.A.G. Park, Burlington)

It's a rather stormy night in the greater Toronto area and a good time to catch up on Sawyer's blog.

Sawyer-Doodle-Bug endured his third visit to the vet today.  After a thorough examination and a weigh-in at 79.2 lbs, Dr. Linda gave him a clean bill of health.  Not surprising, as he continues to thrive on his raw diet, loves his exercise and gets more than enough loving. 

Speaking of exercise, we've recently introduced Sawyer to leash-free parks.  We are fortunate to have two in close proximity to our home.  Both parks were fully enclosed, with shelters for the owners to huddle under during inclement weather while sipping their daily dose of "Tim's".

Before entering the park, I chose to walk the boy on the outside perimeter of the park to allow both of us time to acclimatize to our new surroundings and to gauge the chemistry within the park.  All looked civil and friendly.  We entered, with a little trepidation (for me, anyways), but in no time, Sawyer was soon befriended by a lovely pack of dogs.  Thus the beginning of a new love for Sawyer.  He was off like the wind, attempting to keep up to the Weimeraners, Labradors Retrievers and numerous mixed breeds.  We  stayed long enough for Sawyer to socialize, exercise and be a dog.   We'll let the video speak for itself....

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  1. aw this is adorable! his wipe out is the best! hes HUGE compared to the other doggies too!!!!1 i need to go there one day soon.

    rather than a leash free park you could try coming up to MY PLACE :D