Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kissing the asphalt

Today, Sawyer enjoyed a pleasant walk with a friend and her 3 sons, through a little forested gem smack-dab in suburbia. Although we didn't walk far, Sawyer was exhausted and fell asleep in the trunk of my car.

Upon our return home, I promptly opened the hatch to take him in the house to continue his nap. During a moment of inattention (on my part), Sawyer made an attempt to jump out but instead, proceeded to fall head over heels onto the asphalt! It was actually comical to see his lengthy puppy body twist & turn as he's heading for the asphalt. It all happened so quickly and I just couldn't respond to this plight in a timely manner. 

I was in shock for a moment then snapped back to it. What is Sawyer's reaction?? Playing dead on the driveway! Yes, he proceeds to lie on the driveway without moving! Ok, I was starting to panic at this point. Had he broken a limb? or worse, his neck? was he paralyzed? I shook his paw and it was limp....*OMG*, my heart was thoughts were racing worrying about vet fees ($$). Since coaxing him to move (with treats) was unsuccessful, I decided to lift this 46+ pound dog and carry him up the porch stairs (he wasn't helping me one bit). Made it up the stairs wondering if my back would hold up. I gently placed him down on the porch to open the front door and what does the little monkey do?? Casually gets up and saunters in the front door and promptly plops himself on the kitchen floor. Flipping little bugger!! (Honestly, I do still love him but he sure gave me a scare!) Moral of that story....take shorter walks lady!

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