Friday, October 8, 2010

What's for lunch?

Our family tends to lean towards a healthy diet, consuming antibiotic & hormone-free meats, as well as organic fruit & veggies.  By no means was I going to make any compromises on Sawyer's food.  I did initially but his digestive track was NOT happy.  After much deliberation with our vet, other dog-owners and experts in the field of dog nutrition, a decision was made to switch Sawyer to a balanced diet comprising of raw meats & veggies.  A local BMD (Bernese Mountain Dog) breeder apparently feeds her dogs a raw meat diet and her dogs have lived up to 15 years of age - unheard of as most have a short life span ranging from 7-10 yrs.  Could the diet make a difference?  Time will tell.

Healthy Paws raw meat packages

Sawyer's been enjoying this diet for over two weeks and is thriving.  No more digestive issues, or smelly toots!  Based on his puppy weight, his breed and his parents' weight, he currently consumes 2 lbs of ground chicken, beef or turkey (with veggies, kelp & fish oil) per day!  Lunch time is a little delicacy referred to as fresh chicken spines which are comprised of cartilage, meat & fat.  Dogs have a much higher hydrochloric stomach acid allowing them to easily digest meat, bones & cartilage.

Sawyer is one happy little feller these days...

Raw chicken spines

Chomping away. 

What!  Is that it?!

Gee, thanks for that delicious lunch, mom! *smiling*

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