Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lowville Park

Wednesday was a splendid day for a fall walk.  TJ and I took Sawyer for a drive to Lowville Park, with its scenic creek, trails and unofficial leash-free park.  Unbeknownst to many folks in the area, there's an annual salmon spawn.  We missed the peak but did manage to see three large salmon attempting to make their way upstream.  Unfortunately, not all fish are successful in their journey.  We saw numerous deceased salmon along the banks but mostly in the water.   Sawyer and I waded through the shallow water, trying to keep a firm footing on the slippery rocks.  Sawyer being a clever pup, spotted a dead salmon camouflaged amongst the leaves.  Eeww!   I was not about to touch this decomposing fish with my bare hands.  So I try the "drop it" command, to no avail.  It only works when I bribe him with food which he happily had.  After much proding, begging, yelling, tugging, he finally let go.  He was very upset with me for not allowing him an early salmon sushi feast!


  1. Wellies certainly come in handy don't they!

    Sawyer looks very handsome surrounded by the leaves at Lowville...sorry we missed you that day.

  2. MJ, it would have been far worse had Sawyer and I engaged in a tug-o-war game with the fish! Ugh...

    You're right Darlene, wellies are an absolute necessity for dog owners. They remind me of my childhood. I owned a pair of white wellies as a younster and used to pretend they were "go-go" boots - boy, am I dating myself, *sigh* Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hahahahaha! Go-go boots! I never had a pair either but did dream about owning some.