Friday, October 15, 2010

Footprints in the sand

Sawyer's latest favorite haunt is the local beach, along the shores of Lake Ontario.  Although the city has posted numerous signs disallowing dogs on the beach and in the water, as it is a popular beach destination during the summer months, we chose to turn a blind eye (signs? I didn't see any signs!).   It was a gloriously sunny morning.

Sawyer sniffed his way from the boardwalk, to the sandy beach and finally to the water's edge.  The first few times at the beach, he was in his glory eating the sand, cigarette butts, lake weeds and even fish carcasses.  Finally at 4-1/2 months old, he's developed a more discerning palate and now prefers to wait for his gourmet raw meat!

After our walk, trying to keep up to passersby on the boardwalk and dilly-dallying from one bush to another for almost one hour,  Sawyer had had enough.  He stubbornly planted himself smack-dab on the walkway for a little snooze.  However, after much coaxing (and treats), I finally convinced him to walk a mere few meters to the car.  Puppy is now sound asleep on the living room floor, no doubt dreaming about his next walk on the beach!

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