Friday, October 29, 2010

RMB diet for dogs... and cats too!

Thought we would share some RMB (raw meaty bones) guidelines for dogs & cats, as recommended by Dr. Tom  Lonsdale, Veterinary Surgeon in Australia.  

 Natural foods suitable for pet carnivores 
Raw meaty bones 
• Chicken and turkey carcasses, after the meat has been removed for human consumption, are suitable for dogs and cats. 
• Poultry by-products include: heads, feet, necks and wings. 
• Whole fish and fish heads. 
• Goat, sheep, calf, deer and kangaroo carcasses can be sawn into large pieces of meat and bone. 
• Other by-products include: pigs’ trotters, pigs’ heads, sheep heads, brisket, tail bones, rib bones. 

Whole carcasses 
• Rats, mice, rabbits, fish, chickens, quail, hens. 

• Liver, lungs, trachea, hearts, omasums (stomach of ruminants), tripe. 

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Things to avoid 
•Excessive meat off the bone — not balanced. 
•Excessive vegetables — not balanced. 
•Small pieces of bone — can be swallowed whole and get stuck. 
•Cooked bones — get stuck. 
•Mineral and vitamin additives — create imbalance. 
•Processed food — leads to dental and other diseases. 
•Excessive starchy food — associated with bloat. 
•Onions, garlic and chocolate — toxic to pets. 
•Grapes, raisins, sultanas, currants — toxic to pets.  
•Fruit stones (pits) and corn cobs — get stuck. 
•Milk — associated with diarrhoea. Animals drink it whether thirsty or not and consequently get fat. Milk sludge sticks to teeth and gums. 

DID YOU KNOW?:  Raw food for cats should always be fresh. Dogs can consume ‘ripe’ food and will sometimes bury bones for later consumption. 

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