Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!

(designed & carved by TJ)

Sawyer enjoyed a full Hallowe'en day beginning with an early 6 a.m. rise, followed by a romp at Lowville Park, with intermittent naps, a walk through Seneca Ave (famous for it's Hallowe'en decor) , and later savoured delicious pumpkin guts that brother TJ  kindly threw at him while carving the pumpkin.

Sawyer didn't understand the 'trick or treat' concept.   "Why couldn't I play with every goblin, dinosaur and princesses at my doorstep?" thought Sawyer.   Alas, he gave up his futile attempts at a little fun and fell asleep on the floor, by the door, near the brimming candy dish.   There was my opportunity  to mischievously dress him in his pirate costume, courtesy of MJ.  Poor puppy.... just too tired to fight me off.  Happy Hallowe'en... and many sweet dreams...


  1. YOU GOT IT ON! hahahahhha i knew eventually he would allow you to get the costume on. he looks like a little girl! SO cute!!!!

  2. The only reason I managed to get his costume on was that he was ready to nap! He was a good boy for the photo shoot!