Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Pictures of Sawyer


Ready for the beach!

Nap time on his couch

getting in the way of our gardening project

Apparently prefers sleeping on freshly turned soil

Pretty boy

Taken ownership of our garden!

new bed

snuggling on bed with MJ

new bed now used as a humping toy!

napping in the garden


  1. Hello Sawyer !!

    My Sidekick Lee just showed my your blog ( I meet your lovely owners at Woofstock in the King Eddy Hotel Lobby ) I really enjoy reading about your adventures ..looks like we enjoy a lot of the same things !! WOOF !! WOOF!!
    Is it Okay if I add a link to your site on my website ??
    Have a tail waggin' fantastic Day !!

  2. Hello Shirley Girl & Lee! So glad you popped by for a visit. By all means, you can add a link to your website - Sawyer is honoured! WOOF right back at ya!