Saturday, June 18, 2011

Toronto Woofstock 2011

Last weekend,  W and I enjoyed a decadent high tea at the Royal Edward Hotel, without Sawyer.  According to the waitress, the Royal Eddie hosts a high tea where dogs compete in a celebrity look-alike contest.  That's right.  High tea for dogs.  Somehow I can't imagine Sawyer sitting politely waiting for his cuppa Earl Grey and bacon-flavoured scones with a smattering of fresh ground peanut butter!  Naw... He would much rather sniff every little canine derrieres!

Although Sawyer wasn't with us for this outing, W and I managed to enjoy the sights and all the beautiful dogs.  This is an event not to be missed by dog-lovers.  There were dogs everywhere: sheeshee/poopoo dogs in strollers, wee ones in back-packs, some in arms,  some dressed-up, some in carrying cases, some in tow, some being dragged to and fro, while some chose to swim, some gorged on free snacks and others posed gracefully for the camera (see poodle below).  Here's a sampling of our day:

Tibetan Mastiff

After speaking to this BMD owner, we caved and bought the same coat for Sawyer.  It's a cooling coat by, giving him energy to walk on hot days.  Fabulous concept and Sawyer loves it!

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