Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Sawyer!

May 30th was officially Sawyer's first birthday and Miss MJ felt compelled to celebrate the event.  Sawyer  temporarily sported a blue crown which lasted a mere seconds before he used it as a tug toy, ripping it to bits.

We agreed to serve a special meal for his birthday so W meticulously deboned two t-bone steaks, leaving the bones (with some meat attached) for Sawyer to savour. Sawyer seemed quite delighted with his candlelit dinner, followed by a delicious dessert concoction of peanut butter rolled in sunflower seeds & buffalo liver treats (contact MJ for the recipe).  He managed to finish one whole t-bone and part of the second one, perhaps saving his appetite for birthday cake!

We ended the evening by presenting him with a gift bag full of newspapers and a couple of new squeaky toys.  The bag & newspapers were a terrific hit with Sawyer.  The squeakers were the next best toys.  He amused himself shredding the paper and tearing the bag apart all over the yard.  I think our 1-yr old pup had a fine evening with loved ones...