Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blessed rain...

We have been blessed with incessant amounts of rain this year.  I'm trying to be as indifferent to the cold and rainy days as Sawyer appears to be.  It's really just another day for our canine companions (as it should be for us) and life goes on.

When the Bruce Trail is terribly muddy, we resort to neighbourhood and beach walks. Again Sawyer is fortunate to have such varied of terrain close to home.  Recently, we walked on the Hamilton side of the beach.  It's lovely if you can ignore the hydro towers and the Skyway traffic noise.  However, none of these bothered our boy.  We enjoyed a peaceful walk alone on the beach, listening to the waves crashing.  Unfortunately most of the beach was under water and the sandy banks were quickly being eroded by the waves, leaving a trail of debris and driftwood.  All the more fun for Sawyer as he chased sticks in the water and sniffed his way amongst the native beach grasses.  We found an unusual amount of whole coconuts amongst the debris and Sawyer enjoyed chasing them or chewing on the shell.


Near the end of our walk, Sawyer laid down and busily gnawed on a coconut, while I paused to thank my lucky stars for the magnificent surrounding and for our precious boy, Sawyer.

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