Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been told by MJ a new blog was long overdue.  This one is dedicated to you, honey.

Sawyer is one month shy of his 1st birthday.  He continues to grow, mature and test our patience.  We regularly expose him to new experiences, each one having various results.  Last night, W built an inviting little backyard fire (shhhhhh....), using the Sawyer's branch stockpile collected on his daily walks. In fact we had so many sticks, had we the talent & imagination, we could have constructed a lovely canine log cabin!

In no time, a roaring hot fire was warming us, perfect for roasting marshmallows or a good Angus-quality steak, both of which Sawyer would have keenly indulged in.  MJ and our "second daughter", K, joined us for a chilled glass of Gewurzt and Pinot Grigio, chatting around the campfire... thankfully no one broke into a chorus of campfire songs.  Sawyer cautiously pranced around the fire pit,  only once getting close enough to singe his whiskers, but didn't.   He chose to distance himself from the fire & smoke, choosing to roll in the grass, snuggle up to the girls, steal W's firewood and attempt to sneak a sip of wine (not to mention indulge in a marshmallow or two when MJ thought I wasn't looking *wink*).

Eventually the girls abandoned us for the night-life in the burbs, leaving W, Sawyer & I to relax, chat and allow the flames to entrance us.  Not sure Sawyer would classify last night's campfire as his #1 activity, nonetheless, we all enjoyed a quiet evening outdoors.

(Sawyer attentive to K's instructions)

(Sawyer with Mom & Dad)

(MJ and I enjoyed the wine while Sawyer & K abstained!)

(the log thief)

(enough of the outdoor experience)

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  1. Blog was Long Overdue! Hopefully we can share a campfire with Sawyer and Dakota in tow in beautiful Haliburton this summer. Glad MJ is enjoying our favourite summer wine~ Pinot Grigio. Slurps and drool from Dakota and family! Hope Sawyer and mom and dad won't be too sad that we are taking MJ away from him for a week. Our gain, Sawyer's loss! xx