Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bruce Trail - Fisher Pond

Yesterday was a splendid morning for a hike on the Bruce Trail beginning at Guelph Line, heading west towards Cedar Springs Rd.  Although it was a serene atmosphere, walking along the well-worn muddy trail, few people in sight, Sawyer whimpered most of the way.  He missed his hiking buddy Hurley.  PF's  and my company just wasn't enough to satisfy him!

We allowed him to go off-leash when the coast was clear.  He didn't hesitate to run up and down the valleys, explore the numerous creeks, chase a chipmunk and take a little swim in the Fisher Pond.  PF and I parked ourselves along the shore of Mr. Fisher's pond, enjoying a snack, while Sawyer enjoyed  exploring the water's edge.

(Fisher Pond in February - Sawyer & Hurley on frozen pond)

Three hours later, the three of us were covered in mud, fatigued and looking forward to heading home.

  (Patiently waiting for us to catch up)

 (smiling Sawyer & PF)

(Where's Sawyer?!)

(Sawyer & "mommy")


  1. Nice! Girlfriend and I are planning to go there today!


  2. Thanks for dropping by - hope your hike was as enjoyable as ours have been. Dogs are especially fond of this trail & pond.

  3. Hi.
    How do you get access to Fisher's Pond? Did you park somewhere off of Guelph Line or Cedar Springs?

    1. The closest access point is via Highview Dr, just off Cedar Springs Road. Look for Springer Crescent and follow the blue trail markers which will connect to the white trail markers indicating the Bruce Trail. I haven't been in a few years and from what I understand, the Pond is now off limits to the public. Enjoy your walk!