Sunday, July 3, 2011


Due to the somewhat-sensitive nature of this blog entry, children and anyone sensitive to animal cruelty, may find the contents of this entry upsetting.  Please be forewarned.

Sawyer made a new discovery in our backyard this morning.  I noticed a lot of sniffing & earth digging behind my prized Zebra grass.

(guarding his "stash" behind the Zebra grass)

He appeared very focused on his mission.  Putting my knitting aside to investigate , I walked over to explore.  Before I knew it, I heard a squeaky sound emitting from his mouth as he ran away from me.  I was chasing him through the yard like a psychotic puppy mommy, begging him to "drop-it!!".  When he finally released his "squeeker",  I realized with horror he had captured two baby bunnies! They were a mere days' old and had not opened their wee little eyes.   Both little bunnies fell to the ground when Sawyer realized I meant business.

(trying to hide from Sawyer)

Although I was appalled at Sawyer's lack of remorse, I had to accept that animal instinct & curiosity kicked in.  His sense of smell was remarkable and once he snagged a bunny or two, he merely used them as play toys to paw or to pounce on, not meaning to harm them.  The "squeaky" sound emitted by the bunnies made it that much more fun for Sawyer.  I observed him rolling on the grass with joy, after he elicited a reaction from the bunnies.

(the survivor)

I was very concerned that while Sawyer is on a raw meat diet, he may have considered them as tasty appetizers.  Thankfully, once they stopped emitting any noise, he soon lost interest and ready to snatch another one!

Sadly, one bunny didn't survive his journey on this planet, but I managed to save the rest.

(Poor little bunny....)

 (Determined to get at those bunnies again!)

They are now all cozied up back in their warren awaiting their mom's arrival.  With a little creativity I rigged up a pathetic fence to deter Sawyer from raiding the den once again, using twine, metal poles , sticks, a little chicken wire & the existing fence.  Will it keep Sawyer out?  Not likely, which is why we are taking turns supervising the little rascal.

(Awww, mom! You ruined my fun!)

At this point, we are thankful he didn't raid a skunk or porcupine nest!!

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