Friday, December 10, 2010

In search of snow in Ontario...

Earlier this week,  Sawyer and I drove towards Niagara Falls in search for a glimpse of snow. I just wanted  Boy Wonder to have a good romp in the white stuff.   Call me crazy, but having originated from La Belle Province, I learned to love and appreciate a good snowfall.  Seems that many surrounding communities have recently been hammered by hefty snowfalls, leaving us with bare asphalt.  Argh!

East Dell Winery

After a 20-minutes drive, I soon realized my wish was not to be.  So, off I exit in Beamsville heading up the Niagara Escarpment.  I finally parked my car at the East Dell Winery, knowing there were hiking trails in their backyard.  Sawyer was keen to get out of the car and off we went, walking on lightly snow-dusted trails.  I soon realized we were on a portion of the Bruce Trail, between Mountain and Quarry Roads. This hike offered a view of East Dell vineyards & Heron's Nest cabin, hills, a waterfall, a creek, farmer's fields and a wooded area.   Such beauty at our doorstep!

East Dell vineyards, Beamsville, ON (Lake Ontario in distance)

Heron's Nest Cabin, East Dell Winery

Bernese Mountain dog in training!

Whew!  End of that hike....

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