Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bruce Trail - Waterdown

Last weekend, TJ, Sawyer and I attempted another portion of the Bruce Trail, starting on the west side of Hwy 6 (parking at Old Guelph Rd) and heading east towards Waterdown.  Although this trail begins in a noisy high-traffic area,  the trail afforded us with interesting sights, one of which was the ruin of yet another old homestead (rusty trike included).

Sawyer was quite keen to explore the ruins but more interested in the smells.  He continues to attempt to remove his gentle leader allowing him control over our walk (NOT!).  However, being the softies that we are, we allowed him 5 minutes gentle-leader-free before TJ begged me to put it back on.

This short trail begins through a tunnel going under Hwy 6, then proceeds up cement steps leading to the old homestead, then meanders through the woods, along a rocky trail along the escarpment.  We passed by an outcrop of old rusty metal buckets & barrels, which I believe was an old garbage dump.  Having a fascination with the past, I had to rummage through the debris of broken pottery, glass and even old shoe leather,  letting my imagination go to yesteryear.


We turned around once we reached the old quarry.  Sawyer-Doodle-Bugs (his latest nickname) had had enough and welcomed the warm, cozy back seat of our car.  As they say, a tired dog is a good dog!

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