Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Toronto

Yesterday was a rather cold and overcast day so all five of us (Sawyer included) had a lovely afternoon nap.  Nothing like a lazy afternoon.

After a belly full of ribs, sausages and broccoli (Sawyer excluded), we agreed as a family to see the Christmas lights in Toronto.   So, off we went with Sawyer loaded in the back of the SUV.

We chose to park underground near the Dundas Square, rather than waste time looking for the non-existent cheap parking.  This was Sawyer's first experience underground and in the city.  We headed for the stairs  but for some reason Sawyer was freaked out and absolutely REFUSED to budge.  No amount of treats conned him to move.  So, on to plan B:  the elevator. Another new experience but we decided to casually enter the elevator and Wonder Boy had no qualms whatsoever.  Fooled him one more time!

The city was vibrant with noise, lights & the bustle of people shopping.   We walked for an hour exploring the core and soon realized how few patches of grass were available for dogs.  Thankfully W knew his way around and soon found a semi-green patch of grass near Ryerson University for Sawyer to frolic in.
MJ & Sawyer in Dundas Square

Then off we walked to the old Simpson's Department store (now the Bay) to enjoy their annual interactive Christmas windows.

On our way to Nathan Philip Square, we met up with a homeless man lying over a warm grate, surrounded with food donations, Tim Horton's cup and a few scattered coins.  I approached him and enquired about his well-being.  He assured me he was "ok" but  "tired" and proceeded to cover himself with a thin blanket and resume his sleep.  I left him some coins, in the spirit of Christmas giving and caught up to the family with a heavy heart.  

The skating rink in Nathan Philip Square was packed with seasoned and new skaters.  There was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree near City Hall which MJ & TJ reluctantly posed for to keep me and my blog happy.  Sawyer was less cooperative but appeared to enjoy being in our company.  It had been a long time since we'd had a family outing and all agreed it was good for the soul.

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