Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Knows Whose Been Naughty...

What happens when Sawyer's loving parents leave him unattended  to indulge in some holiday cheer with good friends & awesome food?  Take a look:

We rolled into the house around 12:15 a.m. to a warm, enthusiastic greeting from lovely...until we notice a mess on the area carpets in the dining/living room areas.  The little devil (AKA Sawyer) managed to reach for a 1kg bag of fresh spelt flour from the counter and apparently attempted to drag it to his favorite couch.  We suspect the bag burst before he reached his beloved destination, leaving a lovely white mess.  On further inspection, we noticed the paper bag holding the flour, as well as a zip-lock bag (which we suspect he dragged out of the garbage can) and a fresh roll of clean paper towels were torn/ripped/wet and strewn all over our floors & carpets. *SIGH*

Think Sawyer was a little miffed with us & trying to teach us a lesson??!  Can't wait 'til MJ returns home for the holidays!

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