Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas 2011

Thanks to W's efforts,  we managed to acquire a lovely Christmas tree for the living room.  Last year we passed on that idea, since Sawyer was still a rambunctious puppy.  However, this year, under our watchful eyes, we managed to set & dress the tree with very few incidents.  Sawyer didn't seem at all interested in it until he spotted a few plush "mini-teddy" ornaments,  which by the way are sacred creatures in MJ's mind.  When we weren't looking, Sawyer delicately plucked "mini-teddy" from a limb and proceeded to mouth the little "stuffy".  Thankfully, MJ managed to save "mini-teddy"!

We did have some fun with him, dressing him with beaded garlands and teasing him with ornaments.  Once he had had enough, he reciprocated and ripped a couple of our cardboard ornament boxes.  No worries, it all ended well.  He had fun (so did we) and our tree is still standing today!

('re going to make me wear this?)

(MJ proud of her decorating abilities)

(*sniff, sniff* - is this eatable?)

(Hmmm, yup I like that ornament)

(uhhh, nope, pass on that one!)

(Pfffeww, a well-deserved nap)

Merry Christmas everyone and wishing you all good health, fortune and happiness!

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