Monday, August 5, 2013

Lincoln the Newfoundlander

Golly, Sawyer is lagging behind in his posts.  Not much has happened....WAIT, something DID happen.  How could I forget?

I have a new little buddy....LINCOLN!  Yup, Lincoln is my new protege - he loves to follow me around, and around and around.  Did I mention that he loves to follow me where ever I go?!!  Lincoln is a handsome, midnight black Newfoundlander puppy, who has a very loving family, like me.  He looked just like a little teddy bear when I first met him (Mellie wanted to take him home but I wouldn't let her...snicker, snicker!).  He's not so little anymore - he's inching close to my size & weight.  We are going to be best buddies.

Thanks for being my friend Lincoln and welcome!

(photo courtesy of  J.Guimond c2013)

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