Monday, February 18, 2013

Snowmaggedon, eh?

We had ourselves a real good snowstorm yesterday with an estimated accumulation of 35 cm of fresh powder.  Perfect for skiers, snowshoers and Berners!  Sawyer was no exception.

During the storm's peak, Sawyer spent a good 4 hours frolicking in the fluff, which meant that I HAD to join him.  I admit, I love the snow as much as Sawyer does, however, the neighbours prefer watching Sawyer pouncing & jumping like a deer over snowbanks, rather than watch me make an ass of myself making snow angels!

Sawyer's playground

Please Mom, come out and play!

Happily chewing on a beef bone (how did he ever find it buried in the snow?!)

Enjoying the snowy view

Slowly inching closer to the back door

All that playing pooped him out!

Asleep on his favorite couch...wait a minute, it's actually OUR couch!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sawyer, you really have a lot of snow there to play in, wonderful isn't it. We get some over here but never that much and it doesn't last long.
    Have fun