Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kingston, Ontario

Saturday morning and I was beside myself with excitement to see Mellie.  I was a good boy sitting in the backseat, with my special blanket.  Yup, I sat, and sat and sat for 3+ hours.  What's a dog to do?

FINALLY, we arrived and my Mellie was waiting for me....she was waiting for me on the porch!
 *tail wagging madly*

After lots of hugs, Mellie took us for a walk on the grounds of the closed Rockwood Insane Asylum along the St. Lawrence shoreline.  Creepy!  This place was in operation from 1878 - 1905, housing men and women with various degrees of insanity.

After a little dip, we sat on the rocks for a rest.

Mellie took me to a leash-free park and I was so excited to play...

I strolled right past a lovely border collie and on to the park

I tried to make friends.  There was a peculiar dog below but he wanted nothing to do with me.  Not sure why Mom kept taking pictures of him.  Mellie and I found him most disturbing!

 I think this is a part-pig/sharpei!

After the park, Mom HAD to scope out a yarn shop (BORING!).  So Mellie and I made our own fun, experimenting with a photo-shoot in the car!

 Dang, I'm handsome!

Finally Mom returned.  *YAWN* I was very tired so rested my weary head on Mom's lap for a little shut-eye.

Saturday was great fun!

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  1. I absolutely love this!!! :) SO CUTE! and i had a great weekend with the 3 of u :D