Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Haliburton Vacation

Oh my it's already mid-March and Sawyer hasn't been forthcoming in updating his blog!

In a previous blog we mentioned a fabulous New Year's get-away to God-Mommy & God-Papa J & J's cottage in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario.  Sawyer was blessed with tons of snow and attention from his host family.  He was treated like a king receiving lots of cuddles,  kisses & treats from Mamma J, Sista's LG & MJ & play-buddy GG.  It was especially hilarious to observe the bond Sawyer developed with Papa J, respectfully following him through the cottage (but secretly, he was drawn to Papa J's awesome bbq'ing abilities! ) We all had a splendid vacation!

Thanks to Mamma J for the photography!

 Hey Papa J, I'll take care of the scraps

Mmm, is that my plate Mamma & Papa J?!!

Ooh, yeah...this is the life...3-handed belly rub

Mamma J having her Sawyer fix

and so is Sista LG!

Oh boy, more snuggles....I like this place!


  1. We take great pride in having Sawyer as our "god-dog"! He is a beautiful boy and we love him almost as much as we love MJ! He tugged at my heart, reminding me of cottage days with Dakota who sadly went over the rainbow bridge on August 13th. Let's start to plan another get-away for the summer. Hopefully Sawyer will enjoy swimming in the lake and a boat ride as much as he loved playing in the snow. Hope he doesn't go after the girls swimsuit strings like he did the mittens and hats!

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments J & J.....of course, we would love to join you at the cottage this summer. Sawyer's overnight is already packed!

  2. i stumbled across your blog while searching for more information on the recent Bernese addition to our family... our boy is only 3 months right now and growing quickly! i've thoroughly enjoyed your blog, as our pups sound very similar! thank you for sharing.