Friday, September 23, 2011

Adirondacks Vacation - Part 2

The highlight of this vacation was the abundance of hiking trails.  We chose to remain in the Cranberry Lake region and successfully completed 5 hikes:  Bear Mountain, Copper Falls,  Rainbow Falls, Cathedral Rock and Silver Lake - the longest being Bear Mountain.

Bear Mountain
- The Ascent -

 (Geological marker at the top of Bear Mountain)

- The Descent -

Camping shelters commonly found on the trails - first come, first serve.

Copper Rock Falls

Rainbow Falls

Cathedral Rock
This trail was located on the Ranger school property.  Apparently former Rangers were married at the top of this mountain, thus the name Cathedral Rock.  At the top of this hike, was a fire tower giving us a magnificent view of the Cranberry Lake region.  

We found this hand-carved cathedral sculpture sitting on the trail!

Sawyer couldn't resist a nibble.

"Are we there yet?"

 Sawyer climbed after W but soon realized he was terrified of the descent!

"Whose idea was it to climb this friggin' tower?  I give up!"

"Please carry me Daddy....PLEASE?!!!"

With much coaxing. Sawyer eventually made it down.  Whatever possessed him to climb in the first place?!

Silver Lake

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