Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snuggly Sawyer-Doodle-Bug

There's nothing better than hibernating in a warm home on a frigid Canadian winter night.

This past weekend, W and I settled in to watch a little tellie while Sawyer was busy socializing through the fence in the backyard with his canine neighbours: Roxy, Einstein, Carmi and Meggie.  They were happily running back 'n forth along the fence line and having a grand old time.  A half hour later,  Mr. Sawyer-Doodle-Bug had had enough and was ready to settle in with us.  It was W's turn to be the "doorman" while I lounged on the couch.

In comes the boy covered in snow, barreling full speed for his favourite couch .... the one I'm lying on.  No problem he says, two of us can squeeze onto a love seat!  And we did... nothing like a 90+ pound dog sitting on you!   In no time, he settled in and fell fast asleep on my lap.  A precious moment it was...

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